Open Data for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean » W3C Brazil launches Open Data portal in Latin America

Open Data for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean  » W3C Brazil launches Open Data portal in Latin America

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W3C Brazil launches Open Data portal in Latin America

Stemming from a project created in partnership with the ECLA, the website will be launched this Wednesday in Ecuador.

To contribute to the development of Open Data strategies leading to accountability, innovative services and effective public policies, thus promoting a more inclusive economy of knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean: This is the objective of the Open Data for the Development of Public Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean (OD4D) project, implemented in partnership with the International Development and Research Center (IDRC) of Canada, W3C Brazil and the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA).

The OD4D portal was created as a means of providing constant updates on the project and on the progress of the global debate on Open Data. It will be launched this Wednesday, October 10, in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador during a preparatory meeting for the IV Ministerial Conference on the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (eLac), promoted by the ECLA.

In order to contribute to the body of knowledge on Open Data and its potential to improve the quality of public policies in the region, the OD4D website compiles articles, documents, videos and several data on the topic. In addition to the content produced through the project (manuals, guides, scientific articles, lectures, seminars, workshops), the website foresees collaboration from society to add to its content.

According to Vagner Diniz, manager of the W3C Brazil, which will be launching the portal in Quito, the trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish and English) channel focuses on research on the impact of the use of open data on public policy-making and local economic development: “The idea is to promote debates, as well as to produce and share materials on the topic. The portal will share workbooks, manuals, reference to several portals worldwide. It will work as an aggregator, i.e. a repository of information.”

Vagner also reminds that, although the whole project is being developed in partnership with the ECLA, content management and production for the portal will be the sole responsibility of the W3C Brazil, which is already renowned for reference publication on Open Data.

About the W3C Brazil office –
In line with the’s deliberations and the requirements set forth by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the launched the W3C office in Brazil – i.e. the first in South America. The W3C is an international consortium aimed at promoting the realization of the Web’s full potential, by creating standards and guidelines to ensure its constant development. Over 80 standards have already been published, among which there are the HTML, the XML, the XHTML and the CSS. The W3C in Brazil supports global goals for a Web for all, from any device, based on knowledge, security and responsibility. More information available here.

About the Brazilian Network Information Center –
The Brazilian Network Information Center ( is a civil, non-profit entity that implements the decisions and projects of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee. The is permanently in charge of coordinating the domain name registry –, of studying, answering and dealing with security incidents in Brazil –, of studying and researching network and operation technologies –; of producing indicators on information and communication technologies –; and, of hosting the W3C office in Brazil.

About the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee –
The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee coordinates and integrated all Internet service initiatives in the country, promoting technical quality, innovation and awareness of the services on offer. Based on multi-lateral, transparent and democratic principles, the represents a multi-sector model of Internet governance, effectively involving all sectors of society in its decision-making processes. One of its publications is the so-called “10 Principles of Internet Governance and Use“. More information available here.

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